Sell your histology equipment






Get cash for your histology lab instruments, in any condition. Get paid right away, and then our shipping coordinator will arrange for the pickup and removal of your sold instruments. We cover any and all pickup, removal, and shipping costs.
Your old instrument can be traded in to count as credit towards the purchase of a new or refurbished instrument. Trade-ins do not need to be like-category, or one-for-one. You can trade in a microtome to go towards a tissue processor sale, for instance. You can also trade in multiple items for credit towards the purchase of only one item.
Don’t want to say goodbye quite yet? No problem, we’ll pick up your equipment and store it in our warehouse. Our sales representatives will offer your items to our large customer base, and when one of your items sells, you get paid an agreed-upon consignment percentage. You still own the items, even though we are storing them at our warehouse, so if you want any of your items back for any reason, we’ll ship it back.
Fill in the form and tell us what you have that you would like to sell, trade, or consign.
  1. Submit form
  2. Get offer from Rankin representative
  3. Accept offer
  4. Rankin arranges for the removal of the equipment, as well as costs associated with removal.